4 Changes I Made in My Life to Practice Mindfulness

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to be more mindful. Oftentimes I feel that I am not present with myself, and overall I know I need to do better about putting myself first and blocking out unnecessary noise. Ever since I made these four changes to my life, I noticed a big difference in how I feel about myself. Here’s what I have been doing. Continue reading “4 Changes I Made in My Life to Practice Mindfulness”

I Went a Whole Month Without Drinking for #DryJanuary. This Is What I Learned

This year, I did what I used to think was impossible: I went a whole month without drinking. Dry January (also called “Dryuary”) is a tradition that originated in the United Kingdom as a way to get people to drink less into the beginning of the new year, which is great because most people may have been drinking a little too much during the holidays. People around the world have began doing this, and it’s become an albeit annoying social media hashtag, but I’m not hear to preach about how I’m so self-righteous for not drinking. This is what I learned about myself over the past 31 days: Continue reading “I Went a Whole Month Without Drinking for #DryJanuary. This Is What I Learned”

What I Learned From Moving Across the Country

Hello, dear reader. First off: Happy New Year. I know it’s been a while since I have made post, but this is the reason why: I moved across the country. The second half of 2018 was just a whirlwind of good, bad, and everything in-between. It’s been a few months in this new city and I am still adjusting. A move of this magnitude is never easy for anyone. Here’s what I have learned from the last few months since being here: Continue reading “What I Learned From Moving Across the Country”

A Beginner’s Guide to New York City’s Chinatown

Chinatown is one of my favorite neighborhoods in New York City. Located in Lower Manhattan near the Lower East Side and Little Italy, there’s something for everyone, whether you are adventurous and want to try new foods, want a trendy dessert to take a picture of for Instagram, or just want to experience the culture. If you want to visit and don’t know where to begin, here are my tips and must-see recommendations. Continue reading “A Beginner’s Guide to New York City’s Chinatown”

How I Consciously Stopped to Smell the Flowers This Spring

I’ve always felt that spring passed me by every year, so in an effort to be more mindful and present, I really went out of my way to observe the flowers and nature around me, and there’s no better place to do so than the New York Botanical Garden. Here are my highlights from my day trip up to the Bronx. Continue reading “How I Consciously Stopped to Smell the Flowers This Spring”

How I Achieve the Glass Skin Trend

There was a Korean beauty trend that went around last fall called “glass skin,” which is essentially that your face looks “clear, poreless, translucent, [and] luminous—like a piece of glass.”

After I figured out how to clear my skin, I knew this was something I wanted to try without buying new skincare products that might not react well with my face. I’ve been wearing less makeup and have been loving the look of dewy skin (especially now that it’s winter and my face is dry). Here are the steps and products I use to achieve “glass skin.” Continue reading “How I Achieve the Glass Skin Trend”