Social Distancing Activities: Self-Care Edition

With most of the country advised to stay indoors and practice social distancing for the foreseeable future, this is the perfect time to practice self-care to relax and treat yourself—especially during a time where everything feels unsettling and people may be feeling anxious. These are the 7 self-care rituals I have been practicing to cope. Continue reading “Social Distancing Activities: Self-Care Edition”

My Experience with Unfair Compensation as a Woman of Color.

In honor of Equal Pay Day, I wanted to share a personal story about a time when I was unfairly compensated for the work I was doing. I’ve contemplated sharing this for a while and didn’t want to out of fear that future employers would see this, but I’ve found that it’s important to speak my truth. This is something I’ve been wanting to share for a while—here we go: Continue reading “My Experience with Unfair Compensation as a Woman of Color.”

10 Indoor Activities to Actually Practice Social Distancing

With majority of the world on lockdown and people in self-quarantine because of COVID-19, now is the time to stay calm, wash your hands, and stay inside—keyword: inside. It’s even now being advised to keep away from national parks, as people are seeking fresh air and a change of scenery in the great outdoors, however it is not a good practice of social distancing. So, here are the social distancing activities that I’ve been doing to maintain my sanity and keep indoors. Continue reading “10 Indoor Activities to Actually Practice Social Distancing”

Tips I’ve Learned to Manage My Anxiety

With the world in a state of a global pandemic, it’s easy to feel incredibly stressed out right now. People on social media joke that “my anxiety has anxiety,” and although it certainly feels that way, it does not have to be scary. Here are some tips I’ve learned along the way to manage my anxiety not only during a global crisis, but in my everyday life as well. Disclaimer: I am not a professional and I have not been clinically diagnosed with anxiety, however these tips have worked for me personally when I have bouts of anxiety attacks. Continue reading “Tips I’ve Learned to Manage My Anxiety”

Product Review: Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Heat Styling Spray

I have previously raved about my love for Living Proof hair products, namely that they have helped me wash my hair less (the bane of my existence). And now, I’d like to talk about another one of their products that has been an absolute lifesaver in helping me achieve my goals to wash my hair less often. I’m talking about the Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Heat Styling Spray, aka the product that has revolutionized my hair routine. Continue reading “Product Review: Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Heat Styling Spray”

I Went to a Salt Cave and It Cured My Cold

This winter, I got hit with one of the worst colds I’ve ever had. I was sick for legitimately a month. The first wave of sickness resulted in me staying home from work for a week, and once I thought I was better, it turned out I got sick again and once more stayed home for another week. When I finally got better, however, I still had coughing fits that made me wheeze and tear up. It was as though the slightest trace of dust triggered me to cough uncontrollably. At this point, I had also tried all sorts of medicine to cure my symptoms from Theraflu and NyQuil when I was sick to Mucinex to ease my cough, and even Flonase, thinking this could be allergies. When nothing was working, I decided to look toward a natural remedy and came across a promising solution: halotherapy. Continue reading “I Went to a Salt Cave and It Cured My Cold”

I Did the 1 Thing That Scared Me

They say you should do one thing every day that scares you, and if I know one thing for sure about myself it’s that I hate to be in a position where I am brand new and need to figure things out. The one particular scenario that scared me most were workout classes. I used to psych myself out with dreaded thoughts like, “What if I can’t keep up” or “What if I look dumb,” and completely refused to try out any class, until one day I had another thought: what if all of this is just in my head? Continue reading “I Did the 1 Thing That Scared Me”