I. love. coffee. Everyone who knows me knows that I love coffee and need to drink at least one cup every single day. However, I’ve noticed that lately I’ve been feeling more anxious, and I know that caffeine can heighten these symptoms. So, I did a little experiment and did the unthinkable (for me): I gave up coffee for a week to see what would happen.

Let me preface this now by saying that I gave up coffee, not caffeine. I allowed myself to drink tea (which was pretty much my saving grace all week) and decaf coffee, which is said to contain some levels of caffeine. But I stayed true to my word and did not drink regular coffee. Here’s what happened during the week:

Sunday: It actually feels good to not have coffee! I went to brunch and usually order a coffee with my prix-fixe meal, but I decided to get a bellini instead. I also got a lot of rest, so we’ll see how I’m feeling tomorrow during the dreaded Monday morning.

Monday: I thought it would actually be tougher to go without coffee, but I was surprisingly okay. In fact, I had a lot of energy throughout the entire day that it took me a little while to fall asleep. I drank a smoothie and Japanese green tea (with caffeine) in the morning and lots of water throughout the day and felt fine.

Tuesday: I really felt the craving for coffee this morning but restrained myself and opted for green tea: one caffeinated and one decaffeinated. I started getting really tired at around 3pm and thought I’d cave to drinking decaf coffee, but I resisted.

Wednesday: I started the day off with an açai bowl and decaf green tea. At around 10:45am, I started getting REALLY tired and noticed that I’ve been doing my work slower than usual. I was extremely tempted to make regular coffee because I was very tired, but I decided to make a cup of decaf. I also bought a Pink Drink from Starbucks during lunch, which is the Strawberry Açai Refresher with freeze-dried strawberries and coconut milk. I realized that those refreshers contain green coffee extract, so I may have accidentally consumed coffee, but it’s not the conventional way, so I don’t count it!

Thursday: Today was definitely better than the other days. I started the day by drinking Japanese green tea and drank a decaf green tea in the afternoon. I felt tired by 5pm, but I didn’t have any craving for coffee like I did yesterday. I do feel healthier overall by not relying on caffeine from coffee.

Friday: I drank not one, but TWO cups of caffeinated green tea, along with a smoothie this morning. Fridays are my hardest days because I usually treat myself to Starbucks and need that extra boost of caffeine from coffee, but I somehow managed to curb it.

Saturday: I was highly considering getting coffee, but I convinced myself that I got a lot of sleep and that I didn’t need it. I’m still deliberating if I should break my streak and buy coffee tomorrow.

Sunday: I went to a Vietnamese restaurant and would usually order an iced Vietnamese coffee and I restrained myself! I’m not sure if I’ll go another week without coffee, but I feel more confident that I can do it.

What I Learned From Giving Up Coffee for A Week

I do think it is possible for me to go on for the rest of the summer without coffee, however I do miss it. I definitely felt less anxious by not drinking coffee and think that I can rely on caffeinated green tea as a placeholder. I think from here on out, I’ll start my mornings without coffee and if I feel the need to drink some, I’ll order a Starbucks Refresher because I do think those offer a boost of energy without the crash from coffee.

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