How to Avoid Summer Breakouts

I thought I had my skincare routine down pat—until summer came along and my face broke out. Then I learned that summer breakouts are pretty common, what with the humidity, which means more sweat, dehydration, etc. My breakouts were primarily on my forehead and I researched whether that can be something I can control internally because after all, beauty comes from the inside. So I reworked my skincare and my breakouts are still healing, but definitely not as bad as they were before. Here’s what I learned:

Cleanse more

In my last skincare post, I said that I only washed my face at night, but I’ve learned that I can’t do that in the summer. My skin tends to dry out when I overcleanse, but I’ve found that I break out in the summer if I don’t cleanse enough, so I still use Cetaphil, but now I use it morning and night.

Stay hydrated

I know it’s nothing new or groundbreaking, but water truly makes a difference for your skin. I read about a Japanese method where women drink four glasses of water right when they wake up as a way to stay healthy, and I gave it a try. It’s hard for me to drink four glasses, so I’ve been drinking one, and I can already notice a difference in how my body feels and how healthy my skin looks.


It seems counterintuitive to moisturize your face when your skin is already feeling greasy and sweaty, but it is so necessary. Even if it’s humid, your skin needs to absorb that hydration to keep everything balanced and happy. For my face, I’ve been using oil-free formulas, or if I do use a rich moisturizer, I just use a little less than I would in the winter. Everyone’s skin is different, just figure what works best for you.

Keep hair/hats out of your face

Hair contains dirt and oil that can transfer onto your face, and if your face is sweaty, that’s double the dirt. Tie your hair up or pin your bangs, and try to move your hat to let that area of your forehead breathe.

Avoid rich foods

I ate so much when I went to Philly earlier this month and noticed my breakouts happening a few days after I got back. Plus, it’s summer, so the summer water (aka rosé) has been flowing, and we know that alcohol takes a toll on your body—including your face. I’ve been trying to take the time to cut back on these food to try to give my body a break by eating more fruits and vegetables and I’ve even had some detox juices with charcoal. I’m not saying to give up rich food altogether because I could never do that (how can I resist a good barbecue?), but just give your body a little extra healthy love in the mix and it will show on your skin, too.

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