Apologies for being MIA, this summer has just flown by and I’ve been all over the place. Here’s a rundown of what I’ve been up to for the past month:

I attended an amazing press event with Champagne Taittinger where I got to preview what’s new for the holiday season and finally ate my first raw oyster (along with caviar).

I also saw the most truffles I’ve ever seen in my life. How much do we think this costs though?


I saw cousins from out-of-town and they treated me to an early birthday dinner at Carmine’s.


I visited my grandpa in Florida.

I went to Hawaii, and though it was for a funeral, I solely focused on spending time with family.


I turned 25.


I watched the Fleet Foxes perform at BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn!


I went to my very first Mets game.


I channeled my inner Blair Waldorf and had afternoon tea at The Pierre.


I went to Philly during Fourth of July weekend and actually just went again this past weekend for a day trip. I got to revisit DiNic’s and Pizzeria Beddia, which was just as amazing as it was the first time, and passed by Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens.


Apologies again! Now that summer is winding down, I’m hoping to not be as busy and I have a lot of exciting new content planned! Stay tuned! 🙃

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