10 Indoor Activities to Actually Practice Social Distancing

With majority of the world on lockdown and people in self-quarantine because of COVID-19, now is the time to stay calm, wash your hands, and stay inside—keyword: inside. It’s even now being advised to keep away from national parks, as people are seeking fresh air and a change of scenery in the great outdoors, however it is not a good practice of social distancing. So, here are the social distancing activities that I’ve been doing to maintain my sanity and keep indoors.

Clean out your space.

This is the perfect time to sort through any unwanted clothing or items in your space that you either want to donate, sell, or throw out. It’s technically spring, so you can think of it as spring cleaning. Especially if you’re going to be indoors, you’re going to want to get rid of any clutter that might make your space feel chaotic. 

Catch up on TV shows.

One of my pet peeves is when I start a show but never finish it. Right now, I have so many shows that I’ve started but have not finished, so I’ve been going through a rotation of catching up episodes. My tactic has been to watch only one episode of a show then watch one of another, as to not get tired of it so quick. So far I’ve finished watching Dollface on Hulu and highly recommend it as a female-forward millennial show.

Listen to podcasts.

I love podcasts and can usually listen to a lot of them while commuting, so now that I’m at work I have a backlog of episodes to catch up on. In order to combat this, I have been walking around my apartment with wireless headphones and listening to podcasts while I do chores like wash dishes, sweep, or fold laundry. This has been a great motivator to do chores and make sure I’m taking care of my apartment.

Read a book.

I’m guilty of not reading enough, however I am making an effort to do better this year. I sometimes tend to spiral if I have been on social media for too long, so reading gives my mind a break to escape into another world. I personally enjoy reading non-fiction memoirs. The book I just finished was Name Drop by Ross Mathews and I’m currently reading The Woman I Wanted to Be by Diane von Furstenberg. Next on my list are Text Me When You Get Home by Kayleen Schaefer and The Sleep Revolution: Transforming Your Life, One Night at a Time by Arianna Huffington.

Play video games.

I got a Nintendo Switch two Christmases ago and unfortunately have not played it as much as I wanted to, but now that I have more time, I’ve been dabbling into games—particularly Animal Crossing: New Horizons, which was recently released. Video games, unlike phone games (which I love, too), are better to focus your attention on because you can easily get distracted by social media apps, news apps, and text messages on your phone, and sometimes looking at one or all of those things can be maddening. The next game I’m planning to buy and download is Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee!

Do yoga.

Something that’s been hard to navigate is working out at home. I really enjoy cardio, but I don’t have an at-home gym or treadmill, so I’ve been relying on exercises I can do using my handy dandy yoga mat. Yoga has been an effective outlet for me to shift my energy and work on balance in a slower, meaningful way. Unlike other times I’ve done yoga, I feel like I’ve been more intentional and mindful. It’s been a healthy approach to be reflective and be more gentle with myself, while still maintaining the strength I’ve built from my usual workouts.


I know I have been talking about meditation so much, but it has been extremely helpful during this time. I’m not going to sit here and tell you self-quarantine has been a cake walk because it has not. We’re living in a scary time with misinformation and everything can feel overwhelming. When I notice that I’m starting to get into a negative headspace, I redirect those thoughts by meditating and I instantly feel better. It’s okay to be negative and feel scared or anxious right now, and I think once you acknowledge those feelings, you are better equipped to pull yourself out of it.

Reconnect with someone.

One positive thing that has come from social distancing are the number of friends I have been able to reconnect with. Many of my friends have been texting me to see how I’m doing and it’s been nice to catch up when life can sometimes get in the way of that. Plus, with apps like FaceTime, it’s easier to have something as close of a face-to-face conversation as possible. It’s also important to check in on people you haven’t heard from if you still care about them—you don’t know what someone might be going through and maybe they need to talk to a friend but are scared to reach out.

Schedule a virtual happy hour.

I’ve heard about a lot of people doing this and I think it’s brilliant: gather your friends on FaceTime for a virtual happy hour. Whether you choose to drink alcohol or not, it’s nice to take a break from everything and hang out. My friends and I watched a show via Netflix Party, which is a great way to host a movie night. Maintaining friendships is crucial right now because it’s safe to say everyone is feeling uneasy, so having a moment of relief to see a familiar face—albeit online—is important.

Take up a creative hobby.

The best thing about boredom is it allows you to find creative ways to occupy your time, whether it’s painting, knitting, crocheting, drawing, playing music, etc. For me, it’s writing and this blog is my outlet. I’m grateful that I have more time to write creatively and come up with content ideas.

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