What I Spend in a Week: Quarantine Edition

Now that everyone is spending more time at home, I’ve realized that my spending has changed—for better or worse. On one hand, I have not been spending as much money on buying food from establishments, especially coffee or lunch on a weekday. However, my online shopping spending habits seem to be going up. So, I decided to do a little experiment to see what I would spend in a week. For the most part, I ate in based on groceries at home unless specified. Disclaimer: I spent my own money on everything I bought this week.

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Monday, May 11:

Monday was a regular day. All I did was work, and my boyfriend went out to get groceries. We split the cost directly in half.

Total: $18.95

Tuesday, May 12:

Tuesday was basically the same as Monday. I stayed in all day working, and my boyfriend once again went outside to get groceries and we split the cost in half.

Total: $20.87

Wednesday, May 13:

Wednesday was the same as Monday and Tuesday, except slightly more stressful. I was very tempted to stress-shop to cope, but did not. I did not spend any money!

Total: $0

Thursday, May 14:

I did my weekly load of laundry at the laundromat: $8.

I also caved and did some online shopping. I had been eyeing a pair of slip-on sneakers for a year that I had wanted to buy for warmer weather, and today would’ve been an opportune time to wear them, so I decided to finally bite the bullet. I also added 2 expensive candles to my cart because #treatyoself. $290.70.

Total: $298.70

Friday, May 15:

I felt very tempted to buy a bagel and iced coffee because the weather was nice and warm, but ultimately decided not to. I also had a productive day of work, considering it was a Friday and did not spend any money.

Total: $0

Saturday, May 16:

It’s definitely getting warmer and this may be TMI, but I usually get waxes because I hate shaving and have not been able to now that everything is closed. My body hair has been getting out of control, so I decided to research alternatives. I had been curious about professional laser hair removal for a while, however seeing as we will be in quarantine for the foreseeable future, I have decided to invest in at-home laser hair removal. The device I settled on ended up costing me $364.72—it better be worth it! 😩

Total: $364.72

Sunday, May 17:

Today was the first day all quarantine where my boyfriend and I took a long walk to a park. The day started off with bagels and iced coffee, which I bought for my boyfriend and I before we went on our walk because he had bought takeout for us in Friday: $26.34.

After going to the park, we stopped by the drugstore to buy more household essentials: $52.73.

Finally, we ended at the grocery store to pick up food for the upcoming week, which we split the cost of in half, just as we did at the beginning of the week: $46.25.

Total: $125.32

Grand total for the week: $828.56

Key takeaways: I realize that I spent more than I usually would this week and made investments on certain pieces for myself. I made a chart to highlight my spending breakdown, and there is definitely a disconnect with personal wants vs. essentials.

What I Spend in a Week

I typically would not spend so much on personal wants, but I also decided not to hold back because I knew I was doing this experiment. I probably will not be doing that type of spending again (and normally do not), but that’s what happened for the week and I stand by my decisions. I can safely say that I do not have any buyer’s remorse, so I did not make any dumb purchases.

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