Tips I’ve Learned to Manage My Anxiety

With the world in a state of a global pandemic, it’s easy to feel incredibly stressed out right now. People on social media joke that “my anxiety has anxiety,” and although it certainly feels that way, it does not have to be scary. Here are some tips I’ve learned along the way to manage my anxiety not only during a global crisis, but in my everyday life as well. Disclaimer: I am not a professional and I have not been clinically diagnosed with anxiety, however these tips have worked for me personally when I have bouts of anxiety attacks. Continue reading “Tips I’ve Learned to Manage My Anxiety”

I Gave Up Drinking Coffee for One Week. Here’s What Happened

I. love. coffee. Everyone who knows me knows that I love coffee and need to drink at least one cup every single day. However, I’ve noticed that lately I’ve been feeling more anxious, and I know that caffeine can heighten these symptoms. So, I did a little experiment and did the unthinkable (for me): I gave up coffee for a week to see what would happen. Continue reading “I Gave Up Drinking Coffee for One Week. Here’s What Happened”