I Went to a Salt Cave and It Cured My Cold

This winter, I got hit with one of the worst colds I’ve ever had. I was sick for legitimately a month. The first wave of sickness resulted in me staying home from work for a week, and once I thought I was better, it turned out I got sick again and once more stayed home for another week. When I finally got better, however, I still had coughing fits that made me wheeze and tear up. It was as though the slightest trace of dust triggered me to cough uncontrollably. At this point, I had also tried all sorts of medicine to cure my symptoms from Theraflu and NyQuil when I was sick to Mucinex to ease my cough, and even Flonase, thinking this could be allergies. When nothing was working, I decided to look toward a natural remedy and came across a promising solution: halotherapy. Continue reading “I Went to a Salt Cave and It Cured My Cold”